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        Hello, Welcome toHunan Zhongke Electric Co.,Ltd.
        Hunan Zhongke Electric Co.,Ltd.

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        +86 0730-8688899



        Liu Yi, general manager of speech technology systems in science and technology innovation forum

        Liu Yi, general manager of speech technol..

        Today, with everyone sitting together mainly want the ability for innovation, what is innovation,..

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        Hunan Zhongke Electric Co.,Ltd. is committed Metallurgy overall solution set of modern manufacturing and modern services in one
        High-tech enterprises and software companies

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        Group Introduction

        Hunan Zhongke Electric Co.,Ltd.

        Hunan Zhongke Electric Co.,Ltd. was established in April 2004, and on December 25, 2009 listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM, is the electromagnetic industry's only a listed company, is the electromagnetic metallurgical industry leaders; is committed to electromagnetic metallurgical overall solution, the overall solution mod..


        • Honor


          Chinese Society for Metals Casting Branch unit members; National Metallurgical electromagnetic Quality Supervision and Inspection Center; Hunan Province quality credit AAA level enterprise; Tech enterprises in Hunan Province; Electromagnetic Hunan Metallurgical Engineering Technology Research Center; Cultivation project in Hunan Province excellent corporate intellectual property; Hunan Province model labor relations harmonious enterprise;

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        • technical advantages


          Branch Electric academician workstation; National post-doctoral research station; Establish research alliances with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Defense University, Central South University, Hunan University and other universities; At present, the company has more than 50 patents and software copyrights and other intellectual property rights;

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        • Awards


          China Patent Gold Award Two-phase inverter power system and its integrated control method, patent No. ZL201110209751.0 State Technological Invention Award second Metallurgical special power supply system key technology and equipment and its application National Science and Technology Progress Award Large enterprises integrated energy-saving electrical Key Technology and Application China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award

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        • the marketing situation


          As of June 2016, the Division of electrical equipment electromagnetic stirring breakthrough 1800 flow, electromagnetic stirring coil sold more than 4,000 sets

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        +86 0730-8688899

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        support hotline

        +86 0730-8688899

        Company Reception:+86 0730-8688899 0730-8836899 
        Office Tel:+86 0730-8688860 / 8723399
        Address:Yueyang City Economic and Technological
        Development Zone, No. 168

        ? Copyright:Hunan Zhongke Electric Co.,Ltd.    
        Technical Support:hnjing
        +86 0730-8688899
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